Development Update (With pic!)

Hey hey everyone, bet you didn’t expect me to be posting again so soon! But anyway, I just wanted to make a quick post to tell you guys about all the great stuff that’s being added to my game. First of all, I’ve implemented money drops from enemies, along with HUD for the banking system. I also have tweaked some enemy AI to be a bit smarter, but there is still a lot of work to do.

I am also working on buying and selling systems, along with merchant AI (see pic below). I’m thinking that next month I’m going to give a complex breakdown of what the game is, and how everything works, so keep an eyeball out for that! I’m also planning on posting a demo for the game, along with a Steam Greenlight page around the end of December.

Welp, that’s about it guys. Go check out my Youtube Channel, and enjoy my little merchant I made! (He may or may not make it into the final product)

Here, have a cute little merchant



Hey everyone, I’m back! There is no reason to make excuses for my insanely long period of silence, so I shall not waste our time writing them. Anyway, I’m back! I’ve been working on a new prototype that I plan on developing into a full game lately. This entire game should be done by the end of May next year, and will promptly put on Steam’s Greenlight service.

The game itself will be a unique mix of RPG and farming sim, with a touch of city management and tower-defence. More details will be released as the production nears competition, but I already have a pretty functional game! Maybe I’ll make a little demo in a couple of months ūüėČ

Welp, that’s all from me now, but I’ll be back monthly (most likely) to fill in some new details and give a general progress report. See you guys (and gals) then!


Its been too long

Hello everyone, I’m back! Lots of things have been going on and i kept putting off writing this post. But here we are. Work on my game got halted because a guy just requested my help in the creation of an animation series. So i have been working in Gmod and re-learning stopmotion to make those videos. This has stopped the creation of my game, so I will start limiting my time given to animating so i can focus on my game once again.

I have joined a steam group to create plugins for Nuclear Dawn, and became a moderator, but I really have no idea what to do. There is no structure in this group, and we don’t really have a leader :(. Hopefully the leadership will step up and tell us what the heck is going on, but until then I wont be coding much.

My worst enemy over the last week or so, has been the huge amount of free time that i posses (I’m not crazy, hear me out). My days have been filled with messing around, playing videogames, and just chilling. Now i like this, but I need to start getting things done. So, to do that i will try to fill my life with more things to do. I will start writing some fan-fiction (more on that later) and i have just started a mowing business for a summer job. Although adding more things to do each day seems like it would hinder progress, nothing could be farther from the truth. It will also help me enjoy my gaming more, because i wont be doing it all day :P.

That’s all from me, see you guys soon with updates on my game, more gameplay videos (Thomas Was Alone), and maybe some information on that fan-fiction. See yah!

Concepts and Ideas

For the last couple of week i have been working on some gameplay concepts. I sketched a horrible representation of what the gameplay and pause menu will look like:



I have also experimented with the feet of the player, but they looked horrible. What i did get up and running was the ammo and reloading. I even added a little loading bar over the player to indicate how long until reloaded. Now i just need to add some GUI to tell the player how much ammo they have in total, and in the clip.

I have thought alot about upgrades, leveling up, unlockables, and achievements lately, and have compiled a short list of ideas for said ideas:

    -Armor (If health)
    -Health Purchase
    -Health Upgrade
      -Sprint/Walk Distance
¬† ¬† ¬† -Levels(2,5,10,20…)
      -Buy Every Weapon

A very important decision I made this week was how lives, health, checkpoints will work. I decided that it would be best to give the player health and armor, and the ability to upgrade and purchases them, along with the ability to save. However, if the player dies, their save will be deleted so a continual tension will be present. I want for the player to scavenge for ammo, and be terrified of zombies (not because of how the look, but what they mean for the player, death)

I apologize for not updating earlier, I just have had alot on my plate lately. I think that’s all from me, see you guys next week for another update!




Dat Update

Alright you guys, been working on the game for the past week as much as possible (not much)  and knocked a couple of item from the list:

-Enemy Health
-Player Health
*Working Bullets
-Zombie Sounds
-Ammo (clip, reload)
-Player/Enemy feet

I nearly have health done for the zombie but the health bar is causing a wee bit of trouble. I should have that ironed out over the next week though.

This week some fellow that i play¬†Nuclear Dawn (BEST) with asked me to start helping him code some addons to his servers, so that’s pretty cool. But i need to start learning php, mysqul, and sourcepawn, which take some time from the creation of my main games. As soon as I complete all the items on this list, and¬†tweak¬†it a bit, I might drop a build for ya’ll! That’s all from me, see you guys next week!

School’s out!

School is¬†finally¬†out for me! YAY! So i can focus on my top-down shooter much more. Speaking of which, I have been working on collisions lately. Since the player will rotate the sprite by mouse movement, the collisions can be quite a problem. So, I have decided to make a circular¬†collision¬†mask (that doesn’t turn) Also, I have created a rough list of the¬†things¬†i will be implementing soon:

-Enemy Health
-Player Health
-Working Bullets
-Zombie Sounds
-Ammo (clip, reload)
-Player/Enemy feet

ALSO I have just recently got Fraps so I am starting to make videos with happyminer300 of us playing minecraft! So check that out on this channel :

I am also planning on playing Don’t Starve! Stay tuned for more game videos, progress on my game, and other random tidbits of useless text!


“Next Week”

Wow, I haven’t even wrote 2 posts, and I’m already putting it off :P. Well, I have just one more week of school then i can focus much more time towards my games, but this last week i haven’t been able to do much. Most of my work was experimenting with enemies (Making them turn towards the¬†character¬†and avoid solid objects) and it has been going well. I want to give the enemies health (with a health bar above their head), player health, and working bullets over the next week, and then i can start polishing the gameplay¬†aspects¬†a little more. I will post a little build as soon as most gameplay elements are added, and there are levels (or survival).¬†Until¬†next week, see yah!